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Should You Stay in the Rental Market - or Buy a Home?

06 Jun 2016
With 2016 touted as a financially challenging year, many buyers may be hesitant to take the step towards homeownership, and are quite content to stay within the

Selling Deceased Estate Property Must-knows

25 May 2016
It is well known that in South Africa the sale of property must be recorded in a written contract and must be signed by the purchaser and seller. The sale of a

Tenant Vs Landlord - Who Fixes What?

24 May 2016
One of the more contentious issues between a landlord and the tenant is almost always the general state of repair and ongoing maintenance and repair issues that

9 Ways to Make Moving Day Easier

23 May 2016
Moving day is exciting, but it can also be the source of a lot of stress. There are so many things to think about when relocating to a new property.

Boost Your Home’s Value With Energy-saving Features

20 May 2016
As South Africans dust off their heaters ahead of winter, with the knowledge that Eskom has inflicted yet another above-inflation price hike (9.4%), cash-strapp

21 Safety Guidelines for Homeowners With Gas Heaters

12 May 2016
At this time of the year when we start to notice the chill in the air, many of us reach for the ignition switch on our gas heaters. It is essential, however, to

What Will the great Trek to Cape Town Cost You?

11 May 2016
Figures show that the migration of residents from the other provinces to Cape Town is steadily increasing, but many buyers are facing a harsh reality-check as t

The Appeal Of Secure Luxury Estates in Cape Town

10 May 2016
The growth in luxury security estates across the South is in direct response to a real and growing demand for homes that are true sanctuaries.

Buying a Home Off-plan? Avoid Home Loan Pitfalls

09 May 2016
Buying a new home off-plan is a pretty common occurrence in todays property market, but it can mean a long wait from the time the buyers home loan application

How to Rein in Your Budget and Qualify for a Home Loan

07 May 2016
Having a budget and sticking to it is not easy, especially with the upward pressure of inflation.
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